Question by littlep: Wireless internet access in my car/camper?
I am looking at getting a notebook. I am going new so it will probally have a wireless card in it.

But how can I get internet in my car or in my camper.

I am going to be going on vacation and need to check back in with work and emails….

What do I need to get or do. Is there something through a cell provider or just how…I really dont know anything.


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Answer by nos8wire
You should get yourself a GPRS or 3G device that you can plug into your notebook. The wireless needs a base to connect to, which is usually found in an office or home. With GPRS or 3G connection device you connect through your mobile network.

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    • Tudor_ 22

      Littlep, Did you fix the connection phone problem? I think your phone must have an Internet connection so your answer is there.
      If your phone is still undetected by your computer just do this:

      Power off your phone, remove the battery, wait 5 seconds, place the battery back, Power on your phone, Try the connection again.
      Your phone needs to reset. for some reasons once you installed the software and your phone installed the modem, This modem got bad connection and just it needed to renew itself.
      If you don’t have a Internet connection in your phone, sorry but at least you can connect your phone to your computer.

    • nothin_nyce1

      Sprint/Cingular/Verizon all have cards that you can pop into your laptop for mobile internet for a fee.

      A mobile router was just put on the market so if you have more than more device that you want to connect online at once you should prob look into it.

    • jsdalefan

      sprint and cingular both have out a card that you can pop in your computer and you can get online from anwere that there is a cellphone signal. I have not personally tried either but My freinds have tried both and they say the sprint is better. Another idea for the camper would be t get a t.v. dish. they have internet available through the dish no with a couple of downside(of course) no matter what anybody says they don’t work too good in cloudy weather and it will not work great in a moving vehicle. but you do not have to have a cellphone signal to work it. good luck and have fun in the camper.

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