Question by Pete G: What Should I Buy A MacBook Or A PC?
Okay first of all im a 14 almost 15 year old guy. I really want a laptop for my brithday and i don’t know wich one i want a MacBook or a PC. What i would do on this would be internet,music,video/editing,p… and school work for papers. I also have never used a Mac befor and every one says there really esay to use too but i have used a pc all of my life. Some one PLEASE HELP ME!

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Answer by “Steve Jobs”
For internet, music, video, video editing and school work either one is about the same. The MAC has a slight advantage for AV editing. The PC has an advantage for availability of game software. (You didn’t mention games.)

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    • Paul

      Im a computer engineer with years of experience in the business. Read on…..

      If your buying a computer – buy a Windows PC. Why?

      First: PC’s dominate about 92% of the market. Its what the world uses. Apple only has about 4%, followed by Linux. When you ultimately go for a job, which operating system do you think you’ll be using? You’ll be at a disadvantage if you use a Mac.

      Second: The hardware technology curve is heavily biased towards PC’s. They are completely customizable and upgradeable for astonishing prices. The very best hardware is available for PC’s first (Dual Core and Quad Core processors, as well as Nvidia GPU’s)

      Third: Software availability. PC’s simply have more availability of software than Apple. Period. Professional and gaming software companies generally write for PC’s first and Apple second. You always hear of games being “ported” over to Macs. Also, Mac’s Boot Camp (Software for the Mac that runs Windows) reminds me of SoftPC that was released years ago for the first PowerPC’s. It was extremely slow and had major issues when loading any type of hardware driver. Don’t believe the hype that there is no other reason to buy a PC. Buyer beware.

      Fourth: Windows is not nearly as complicated to use as people perceive. I used Macs years ago and simply found them different that Windows machines. Although Vista has issues because it is so new, OS10 was riddled with bugs when it came out. Once the patches were fixed by Apple, it was more acceptable – just like Vista will be. Mac OS also gets hit hard by viruses and malware. You only hear about WIndows getting hit by them because the world uses PC’s and the “damage” is on a much larger scale. Macs not getting hit by viruses is adopted only by the ignorant.

      Fifth: Bang for buck. Compare a PC to that of a Mac and see what you actually get for the money. Since PC hardware is not owned by any one company (like Apple), you get fierce competition for your dollar. All the software you get is nothing more than a throw in. The real value comes from the hardware you purchase.

      Just remember that you will get a lot of opinions on this topic but the fact of the matter is that PCs dominate the world while Apple only has a fraction of it. There is a learning curve to ANY operating system (PC/Mac/Linux) and each will have problems by those who dont know how to use it.

      Just make sure you do your homework before you buy ANY machine and make sure you do comparisons to maximize your dollar.


    • Another Jacob Person

      Okay, I personally say you should buy a mac. It’s more expensive I admit, but they are useful in ways PCs aren’t. They are much easier to use, once you have an idea of how to do so (it’ll seem foreign at first), and it is much more powerful. Internet: Macs still have a virus to get. All viruses for OS X have had a security update to fix it. So you don’t need to get anti-virus software, because you don’t have to worry about, you also don’t have to worry about spyware. Music: garage band, iTunes, they both come with a Mac, and are very simple to use. If you want to go into advanced music editing and whatnot, there’s better programs that are for Mac (I don’t know what they are, though I know that Apple has a pretty good one that is not free), but Macs were built for stuff like that. Video Editing: there’s iMovie that comes free with Mac. Very easy to use, I use it myself. If that doesn’t satisfy you, once again, better programs out there, this one’s free though. Macs were also built for stuff like this. School Papers: There’s something for Mac for that that’s not free, it’s made by Apple, it’s called iWork. I believe it’s $ 80, but I’m not sure. I don’t use it myself, though I’ve heard it’s pretty good. There’s also the older program made by Apple called Apple Works 6. This is what I use, I’ve found it to work pretty well, I mainly use it because it runs better on my machine than iWork, though my mac’s kind of old. You can also get ms office, but it’s almost twice the price of iWork, and over twice the price of Apple Works, so I recommend those, although there’s also the free ones you could download, such as Neo Office and Open Office. There are some off title free ones you can get too. Trust me on this, you’ll want a Mac, If you get a PC, you’ll regret it. and even if there’s something about the PC that you need to use for something, you can install windows on your mac, and boot into that as well. It works the same way it’d work on a PC. Also, people say there’s not enough software on Mac. If you’re one of those people, there’s a website where you can download programs (some are free, some aren’t). It’s called I use it all the time. I’ve been using Mac since I was 13. I’ve just turned 15 this year, and I’m very glad I made that decision. I had to buy an old Mac (yr.2000). This is the best part of Mac. It’s extremely upgradeable. My Mac was made in the year 2000, and can run Tiger (the current OS). Unfortunately, I’ll have to upgrade my Macs processor to run leopard, but still, It’s been able to upgrade to the next OS for 7 years. A PC won’t even live that long before something goes wrong, and if it does, it will not be able to run the next windows. If you have any questions about Mac you can email me at I hope this helps your decision.

    • rickrudge

      Hi Pete G,

      Get yourself a MacBook. It sounds like it’s perfect for what your needs are.

      OK here’s my list of things I like about the Macintosh over Windows. I’m sorry that it is so long, but that’s how it goes.

      * No computer viruses.
      You hear from the Windows people that it’s because there are fewer Macs out there, but I think it’s because of the Mac OS and it’s Unix kernel. That doesn’t explain why Vista got viruses before it was officially released. The Macintosh comes out of the box as a closed system. If you want it to be networked and remotely operated, you can make that happen, but you have to change it’s settings first. Windows machines come out of the box as a wide open vulnerable system. That’s so the IT guy can set up the hardware, attach it to the company’s network, and install the software remotely from the comfort of his own desk. ActiveX and InternetExplorer leaves the Windows OS wide open to hacks and viruses. The Macintosh OS simply isn’t set up that way.

      If you want to install any kind of software onto your Mac, you first need to type in your administrative password. There is no auto-install for a virus to attach itself to your Mac without your Okay. That is the simple answer why there hasn’t been any viruses for the Macintosh in the past 6 years. Another is that first year programmers learn how to create simple Windows script viruses their first year of class. Mac programmers simply love their computers and have no desire to create such an abomination. We love our Mac programmers and happily pay what ever they ask for their good, hard work.

      * Games.
      I enjoy the games that I play on my Mac, but It’s true that there simply aren’t as many games out there for the Mac as Windows. Hopefully, with the Mac now using an Intel processor, we will start to see more games being developed for the Mac. But, honestly, don’t most people get their gaming fix by playing with video game consoles (such as NES, PS, Wii, or XBox), rather than playing games on their computers?

      * Software.
      There’s a lot more software for the Macintosh now, than before Mac OS X arrived. Much of the Mac’s new software is simply Unix ports. There is also a large open source and public domain/shareware development community that has been supporting the Mac OS.

      You can run Unix X-windows on your Macintosh now too. Apple has been designated as the largest distributor of Unix in the world. If you have one of the new Intel-based Macs you can now run Windows programs natively using a program called Boot Camp and/or Parallel. There is also a Java Virtual Machine for the Mac too.

      There’s still a ton of programs made specifically for the Mac. Most of these are programmed in machine language, so they’re lightening fast. Apple watches over their developers closely, to make sure everything runs like it’s supposed to; that it runs the Macintosh way. There’s also a lot of Windows ports too. I use Microsoft Office on my Mac at work all the time. Although the Macintosh versions of Windows software are way behind in features than their Windows brethren, the Macintosh programs seem to run better, faster and are not as susceptible to problems as the Windows ports. Go figure!

      Where the Macintosh really shines is in the creative software area. I’m a printer, so I know that the Macintosh pioneered desktop publishing. I think that most structured drawing, paint/graphics, and music programs got their start here too. Video and film editing and production is now very big on the Mac. Many people complain about how expensive some of these programs are, but frankly, professional programs are always more expensive than the cheaper consumer-level programs that are out there. Stuff like iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, etc. come free with your Macintosh, while other programs are quite affordable.

      * Less problems
      The Macintosh simply works. There really isn’t very many problems using a Mac compared to a Windows PC. Check out the computer questions here on Yahoo! Answers. There are a lot of Windows, “Why can’t I get this to work?” questions here. Even though there are a lot of Mac users here, there doesn’t seem to be very many Mac questions. The Mac simply works. Naturally, there are a few problems with any kind of computer hardware, but these are few and far between on a Mac.

      * Hardware Power -vrs- Expense

      Right, the Macintosh is a little more proprietary and you really need to buy hardware that tells you that it’s Macintosh compatible. You can’t just buy some cheap hardware, piece it together, and make a Mac, like you can with some PCs. But, then, you don’t have Plug-and-Pray either. Again, the Mac simply works.

      We also hear from Windows users that Windows PCs are cheaper than Macs. True, you can buy hardware with the barest of graphics cards, hard drives, and other components, or you can buy the best and end up spending the same amount as a Mac. It’s your choice, but that’s why you see Macs holding up and being used a lot longer than these Window PCs.

      Oh, and since we’re talking about hardware, yes, you can get yourself a USB multiple-buttoned mouse, plug it into your Mac, and use it just fine, thank you. Don’t worry about it.

      * Mac OS X
      It’s a very simple, basic, easy-to-use OS. It’s highly graphic, so your kids or your grandmother could learn to use it, and it’s also got a terminal, so the geekiest guy can enjoy using it to it’s fullest extent. Windows users will recognize many of the same features that they use on their OS, but there are a few things that are strictly Macintosh.

      I have loved it because it’s always responsive. You throw in a CD and the icon for it pops up on the desktop along with a dialog box asking if you want a specific program to use with it. There’s no need to search for drives. If it’s a music CD, iTunes launches to play it. If you plug in your digital camera iPhoto launches to import the pictures. If you’re looking for a file buried deep inside your Mac’s file structure, you can use Spotlight and it might find the file before you’re done typing the first three letters of the name.

      Again, I’m sorry that this is so long, but I get tired of the misinformation that the Windows guys are spreading about the Macintosh, and I wanted to be sure to respond to all of their rants with the facts. Go into your local Macintosh dealer and play with the Macintosh yourself, and see what you think. Best of luck with your final decision. Take care.


    • Tyler H

      oh my please go pc. theres so many programs that wont run on mac that pc works well with.

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