Question by NettyLouWho?: My younger brother needs a new email addy name, need ideas.?
My 19 wanna be lover boy needs a new email addy name. We need ideas, having a hard time. He wan’t something having to do with dragons and or arch angels, His Name is Ryan. He has had a rough life and we need a good email address that he can have for years. It will be a comcast addy. Thanks for any ideas. Netty

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Answer by Cry Baby Obama
An email address says a lot about the person who owns it. Give your decision a lot of thought. You can choose slightly more colorful nicknames for personal use than business. There are very few rules on choosing an email address name. Often, someone’s first impression of you is seeing your email address, so consider your email name carefully.

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Use any combination of letters (upper or lower case) and numbers along with the dash (-) and underscore (_) to create a name for your email identity. The characters you are unable to use are the space ( ), diagonal (/), backslash (\), quotation marks (“), exclamation and question marks (!, ?), greater than or less than (< >). The “@” sign can only be used in the appropriate place, which is after the name you have chosen and before the domain name. An example of this would be

Make use of wording that will not embarrass you. Many people go with names and/or initials. In this case, John Smith would use one of these for his Hotmail account: or This name format works well for business or personal email.

Draw on some form of your name for a business email. It could be first name only, last name only, a combination of both, or select letters of each name to form an abbreviated name. Working at Wholesale Auto, you might try using or Business email addresses are a part of your personal marketing plan-use them wisely.

Fall back on different names for personal emails. In other ways, they can be a little more fun. If you have a hobby, you might want to use it. Someone who surfs the Internet all day and night and has an MSN email address could easily use

Notice that some people get creative with their email addresses. A young lady might use something like Her idea being she is only 23 years old and she is a blond-haired woman. A young man who is into surfing might decide to use This would show his love of the sport.

Choose an email name that you will remember so that when you give it out, you will give the right spelling. The email that was sent to you will not find you otherwise.

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