Question by VG Master: How does SwapSimple work?
Can someone give me a little overview of how the website works? Just answer with a few useful tips and also can you PLEASE tell me what credits are, how I can get them and use them?

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Answer by Elliot H
SwapSimple is very easy to use. You simply list books, movies and games using the bar-code (on the back of the item). Right when you list the item for swap, SwapSimple figures out what its current market value is and instantly awards you 20% of that amount in Trade Credits right then, and you get the other 80% when your item is ordered and you send it to another user of SwapSimple. On SwapSimple, one Trade Credit equals one real-world US dollar.

As mentioned above, on SwapSimple you earn Trade Credits instantly by simply listing items, by sending items to others when ordered, or you can buy credits for $ 1.00 per credit (we use ALL money from the sale of Trade Credits to stock the SwapSimple inventory with popular items, or items on SwapSimple user wishlists).

SwapSimple uses fully integrated electronic shipping – both Media Mail and Priority Mail. This means that when one of your items is ordered, all you need to do is print out a fully prepaid and pre-addressed mailing label that SwapSimple provides. You simply tape the label to your package and drop it in the mail – no need to pay for shipping or wait in line at the post office. Also, all shipments are tracked trough the USPS, and are 100% guaranteed by SwapSimple.

Finally, and most importantly, SwapSimple is a secure trading platform and was originally designed to swap very expensive items such as college textbooks – hence the focus on security and stability . By secure/stable, this means that all Trade Credits are attached to actual items on the system. Other trading sites simply hand out credits with no way of making sure users eventually follow up on their end of the deal. What results is many users taking items but not giving back – causing a huge buildup of credits, with less and less items to get in return. SwapSimple fully avoids this by ensuring that all users that take items, eventually give back an equal amount, or at least pay for what they took with cash, so that that those items can be replaced.

If you have more questions, please feel free to email SwapSimple customer service at:

Here is a good article that looks at another swapping site that has the problem mentioned above – the problem that SwapSimple was specifically designed to avoid.

Thanks for your interest in SwapSimple!


Elliot E. Hirsch

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