Question by EAZY E: Alright tell me. What is the best web browser?
What’s the best web browser. I mean i’ve used Opera, Mozilla and Windows explorer. What’s the best?

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Answer by djshitanny
mozilla its secure, safe, better user interface (Y)

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    • umes

      The best browser by far is safari by apple for mac and for windows
      i started using it like 3 months ago never had a problem and it is faster then anything out there ( check it out. it has good features like private brower. its awsome

    • arouge1786

      It really depends on what you are looking for in a browser. Internet Explorer has been around for ages, and has the full support of Microsoft behind it. It’s got over 70% of the market share and as a result is recognisable to almost everybody. It is sleek and powerful, but on old(ish) computers that may slow you down a bit. Still, as the standard browser, you won’t find many other negatives with it.
      Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2:

      Mozilla FireFox is a highly customizable browser. It has the advantage of being the one of only browsers that is compatible with all operating systems. New themes and gadgets are released every week, and this gives a personal feel to it when viewing websites. Although it slows the computer down, it isn’t as bad as IE, though on a fast computer, you won’t notice much of a difference between the two.
      FireFox 3.0.4:

      Other options available are Opera Browser. This browser offers very limited customization features (only a colour change in fact), but because of this gives very fast browsing. It was mainly developed for low memory computers, and is more of an “Internet Suite” than just a browser. It provides users with the tools and technology to perform a wide variety of internet related tasks like viewing web pages, searching the Internet, sending and receiving emails, conducting online chats, and even displaying the latest Widgets. It doesn’t require as many resources as IE or FF, but it isn’t very fun to browse in something that looks as out-of-date as it does.
      Opera 9.62:

      The final major browser is Apple Safari. In my opinion it is the fastest of the 4 browser and my personal favourite. Its style is based on the iTunes layout and it doesn’t offer any customizability, but if you like iTunes, you’ll love this browser. Its major downfall is the fact that it doesn’t render (load) webpages very well. This can become very irritating while browsing so most people don’t give it a second thought. It has many of the same features as IE and Firefox, including: QuickTime multimedia technology, a tabbed-browsing interface system, and internet searching tools. It does run very fast (even on slow computers) and has the best startup time of all browsers. If you find that the pages you usually visit work fine on Safari, you won’t have anything bad to say about it.
      Safari 3.1.2:

      A new introduction to the Browser market is Google Chrome, Google’s first attempt at an internet browser. It is currently in a beta version, but it seems to be one of the fastest browsers out there. But, as it is still in beta, there are many stability and security problems with it. I would recommend against using it as your primary browser, for the moment at least, until the final release comes out.
      Google Chrome Beta:

      So it really depends on what kind of person you are and what type of computer you have. You can’t go wrong with IE or FF, but under stress, they perform slowly, Opera is a boring looking browser but can run where the other two can’t, Safari has problems with rendering many webpages and there are far too many security risks with Chrome, but is much the fastest of them all. I personally use all five of them (but IE and Safari are my main two) and have no problem with any of them.

      Hope that helps.

    • Genna the witch

      I prefer using Mozilla. Mozilla have better ability controlling cookies.
      And you can install many addons like theme and browser plugins. I love the searchstatus and nodofollow plugins

    • MMB b

      Well for me , I use the internet a very long time
      I hate IE , I used to love FireFox very much , but now I am using Google Chrome , it is still in beta and it is still the best actually.

      I recommend it …….

    • dumbkid

      Well it has been suggested by numerous people the best browser is Mozilla Firefox In performance and security, however, in my opinion Opera has all the features of Firefox and more. Also new versions of internet explorer offer many addons and gadgets. I may be a bit bias presuming your using a windows 😉 but if your not and you are using a mac a good browser would be camino.

      All together I think that Opera would be a good choice, so whichever one you choose its always a good idea to only have 1 browser, as having a lot of them may slow down your computer.

    • Amvious

      Mozilla Firefox

    • sudeep135

      It depends on what you want to use your browser for.
      If you want security and speed, along with customization, go for Firefox.
      If you want stability (on a Windows) and a faster startup of the browser, go for Internet Explorer.
      If you want a light-weight browser that is extremely fast but doesn’t have many customization options, go for Google Chrome or Safari (they use essentially the same WebKit)
      I’m not really sure about Opera as I don’t use it much.

      In the end, what browser you use is all up to you.
      Good luck deciding!

      My recommendation;
      On Windows : Firefox
      On Mac: Safari

    • L3th4l 3nf0rc3r

      The best is without a doubt Firefox, especially from those you mentioned but also overall.

    • Chris S

      ild say firefox, you can make it as simple or complex as you like because its easily customizable

    • katenyc123



      IE is used by everyone, Firefox is recommended by everyone and Opera is thought about by everyone.

      You decide.

    • bn

      I use windows…

    • nico

      Mozilla Firefox.

      IE’s code is too loose and Opera’s is too strict.

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